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Privacy Policy uses to collect visitor data and analyze traffic on our site and to register webinar attendees. This information helps us understand customer interests and helps us improve our website. When you visit our site, the pages you look at, and a short text file called a cookie, are downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small account of information. This information is collected for traffic analysis and webinar registration only. The cookie does not contain personal details. Depending on the browser that you used,  you can set your preference to block/refuse cookies, and/or notify you before they are placed. Piedmont Health Care Center does not sell, give, or trade the statistics they store to any 3rd parties for data mining or marketing purposes. For information regarding Google’s privacy policy, please visit Chrome Browser Privacy Policy - Google Chrome.

  • Contact: Trudy Lowe – or 230 W. Main Street, Centre, AL 35960

  • We reserve the right to revise and update our privacy policy at any time, based upon management decisions.

  • Your use of this site acknowledges your acceptance of our privacy policy.

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