Duggar Mountain

Assisted Living FAQ

Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions that we receive regarding our Duggar Mountain Assisted Living/Memory Care. If you don't find your answer here, please call us at (256) 447-9444 or click here to go to our contact page.


What the eligibility requirements?

Eligibility requirements include obtaining a medical History, a mental health screening exam, a depression scale, physical functioning screen, behavior screen, and must include a physicians order. The referral must be free from communicable disease and at the time, will require a negative COVID screen.

How are you keeping our loved ones safe during the Covid-19 pandemic and can they have visitors?

Answer here about what the protocol is during this unprecedented time.

What can mom or dad bring with them?

Our residents are encouraged to bring some personal furniture to make their apartment more home like (space permitting). Seasonal comfortable clothes, important pictures and personal items are encouraged. Families need to observe the space available in each apartment to determine which personal items will most benefit their parents. We want everyone to be comfortable in their new environment!

What happens if a resident has an emergency?

Any emergency situation will warrant a phone call to the sponsor ASAP, the family’s choice of personal physician, and assessment by a nurse. If deemed necessary, staff will call 911 to have resident transported to the emergency department of choice (as determined on admission).

What are your pet restrictions?

Pets are welcome to visit their humans as long as the pet has records from their vet reporting updates vaccines. This record must be updated and will remain with the residents chart. The pet must not be left alone to wander the facility as he/she can present a fall risk. We recognize that pets are important members of our families.

What types of planned activities do you have?

We have planned activities for our residents designed to keep their mind and body active as long as possible. Our activities are designed for each residents individual ability and interests. We have planned activities, movies, crafts and other recreation available. Social outings will resume as soon as the Covid restrictions are lifted. We believe it’s important to get out of the facility occasionally and enjoy a ride through the mountains, a day of fishing, local shopping, and other planned trips for the residents enjoyment.

What is SCALF?

A SCALF is a Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility. In Alabama, a SCALF is a facility with staff that has additional training in Alzheimer's and dementia. The facility is designed to provide safety and enhance independence to accommodate the person with dementia.

An assisted living facility is not the same as a specialty care assisted living facility. There are additional requirements to meet that are required through the state of Alabama Department of Public Health and the Assisted Living Association. Not all assisted living facilities are designed for the additional needs of the person with dementia and cannot always provide care for such resident.

Is your SCALF licensed?

Yes our SCALF is licensed through the Alabama Department of Health.