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Alzheimer's/Dementia Unit

The Alzheimer's Special Care Unit is a dedicated nursing unit. We provide enhanced care and a specialized program of activities for residents with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder. PHCC’s Alzheimer's Special Care Unit creates a therapeutic environment that uses several different techniques that serve to keep the resident independent for a longer period of time in a safe, caring environment. Because the purpose of this unit is to care for a unique population of people, a memory diagnostic evaluation is required prior to admission.

Safety, security and comfort

The Piedmont Health Care Center’s Alzheimer’s Care Unit offers a level of care to those who are memory impaired in a safe, nurturing, homelike environment. Our program encourages a feeling of comfort and safety through a structured, individualized plan of care. With it comes a commitment to providing the best quality of life possible for our residents.

All licensed staff members on the unit are personally trained to be “Certified Dementia Practitioners,” with C.N.A.s undergoing in-depth dementia training and are given detailed background on each resident prior to admission.

Features of the Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit:


  • A secure door system is in place, which allows residents to ambulate freely within the unit but also guards against wandering off the special care unit and outside the facility unattended.

  • The unit is specifically designed to compensate for cognitive losses such as safe indoor and outdoor walking areas, bright non-glare lighting to reduce sundowning, and soothing décor.

  • Room and space dedicated to activities and dining and used only by residents of the unit.

  • Planned activities designed specifically for the dementia population.

  • Restraint-free environment.

  • Specialized training for staff on Alzheimer’s care.

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